Selfish Song Testo

Testo Selfish Song

I don't need reminding to look after myself So maybe when you wave goodbye You could think of something else I don't need reminding who is number one On my list of priorities when all is said and done I've never grown from the terrible two's I've just learned to hide from all of you Who is gonna sing my selfish song Well the answer is me so don't sing along Who is gonna change this heart of stone Oh my God my life is a selfish song Every revolution leads the people on With promises and changes egalitarian Hitler Mussolini Stalin Bonaparte Well they prove a revolution Doesn't really change your heart I've never grown from the terrible two's Don't you know nothing changes after a coup They build a wall from the east to the west Saying maybe Jesus was a communist 'Cause he spoke of love and equality Then tell me why did they nail Him upon a tree? 'Cause he said, everyone is singing such a selfish song And we don't want help not from anyone I can make a change in your heart of stone Hey don't you know that you can't Do it on your own