Laundrymat [feat. Nivea] Testo

Testo Laundrymat [feat. Nivea]

R. Kelly Baby, Who That Is? (Nivea) Don?t Worry About Who That Is It Ain?t You (R. Kelly) You Got Somebody Else Over There? Nivea Don?t Worry About It Keith If You Was Over Here Taking Care Of Business You Wouldn?t Have To Ask Me A Questions Like That R. Kelly Oh Girl Please! (Nivea) Oh Girl Please My Ass! Who That Is Over There? (R. Kelly) Are You Mocking Me? (Nivea) Uh, Boy Ain?t Nobody Got To Mock You (R. Kelly) Yeah You Mocking Me! You Get Your Little Record Deal And Shit And Think You All That (Nivea) Ooh, Bye Keith (R. Kelly) Nivea Hello! Nivea You?s A Lying Cheating Son Of A The Way You Do Me Boy I?m Tired Of Taking Your Shit See I Know All About Those Fast Hoes Up In College Shorty Need To Stop It Hello R. Kelly Yeah, Baby Why You Trippin? On Shit You Don?t Know About Believin? Every Goddamn Thing That You Hear About (Nivea) But It?s Nothin? That I Heared R. Kelly Wait A Minute Just Hear Me Out You Don?t Even Know About My Doings And Where Abouts Nivea See Your Wrong There I Busted You Coming Out Some Girl?s House (R. Kelly) And What?s That ?Posed To Mean (Nivea) Nothin? ?Til You Get Stuck In A Muck Boy Let?s Stop Wasting Time It?s Pretty Clear That You?s A Lie Tired Of Sitting Around Here And Now Your Phony Alabi (chorus) Soap, Powder, Bleach, Towels, Fabric Softner, Dollars, Change, Pants, Socks, Dirty Drawers I?m Headed To The Laundrymat And Let?s No Forget The Food Stamps, Dirt Spots, And Sweats, Chips, Pop, Pay Phones, Clean House I?m Headed To The Laundrymat (Nivea) Baby Read Between The Lines Do I Have To Spell It Out To You I?m Saying Goodbye R. Kelly Oh Girl Quit Playing I?m The Only Thing You Got (Nivea) You?re The Only Thing I Got Well Then I Must Not Have A Lot R. Kelly Girl You Can?t Be Serious In Fact I Think You?re Gaming (Nivea) Look Just Call My Man The Judge And He?ll Make The Arrangements R. Kelly So You Really Gon? Go Through With This (Nivea) Hell Yes ?Cause I?m Fed Up With This R. Kelly Girl How You Just Gon? Leave Like This (Nivea) Because You Weren?t True To This Laundrymat CHORUS.. R. Kelly Baby Can We Talk About It? (Nivea) What Is There To Talk About? You Don? Hurt Me Time Again Brought Me Up And brung Me Down R. Kelly Baby Girl I?m Sorry! (Nivea) Well Sorry?s Not Gon? Doing It I?m For Real This Time Boy I?m Through R. Kelly Lyric Girl I?m ?Bout To Lose It (Nivea) No Wait Now I Suggest You Don?t Go Tryin? Nothin? Stupid R. Kelly Ooh Baby I Just Don?t Know What I Would Do If I Was To Lose You Hello Are You There? Nivea Goodbye! CHORUS... (Nivea While During Second chorus Repeat) I Can?t Take It No More Ooh, It?s Time To Hit Door Pants And Socks Dirty Towels Oh I Been Putting Up With Your Shit For A While Now No More Cryin? None Of Your Lyin? You Got To Go Boy Kelly I?m Cleanin? My House Now Ooooooh, I?m Headed To The Laundrymat