The Return [Remix] Testo

Testo The Return [Remix]

[Intro: Tone (Doug E. Fresh)] Yo, this Tone the referee, knawhatimean? And I'm about to bring y'all some history We got the best of both worlds And I got the Get Fresh Crew Doug Fresh! (one, two, three, come on!) [Jay-Z] Mirror mirror on the wall Whose is the freshest of them all? I love 'em all, but none of y'all Is Doug E., as me and the boy Kelly With the suicide doors, fuck 'em all We got hits like a thirty shot clip When we throw it in the air, everybody hit the floor Holla at your boy, boys When we boys, so we bringin' out them toys I ain't a lame, on them Dana Dane's Wiggie, you annoyed man, when the year change, we change Nigga, we right here, we can go bank for bank We can go clip for clip, nigga, chain for chain We can go bitch for bitch, got a pretty young thing That I keep by my hip, like my celly that rings [Hook: R. Kelly] Meeting Michelle at the hotel While Jay and Tone on the way to the afterparty Got the ladies sayin', oh [Jay-Z] Best of both worlds, and we rock the club youknowhatimsayin Boy H-O, Kells, we not playing Losers lose, so when we does what we do, we win And win again, like deja vu Then we win again, like M.J. do Three-peat, then we retreat to waters that's blue Young Scrappy, that's what grown man do, let's move [Chorus 2x: R. Kelly] In this arena, arena All we wanna see is them hands up, hands up This is for them hustlin' boys and girls It's the return of best of both worlds [Slick Rick] Well once upon a time, they left the glove and the star, kid He swore he was the man, but he was nothing but garbage Let me rephrase that, bubblin' with pride Did have skills, but he was ugly inside Instead of uplift folks, sittin' on the non sense Hurtin' people feelings like he didn't have a conscience Like 'I love you', when he's hittin' that stash Then degraded, the shorty, like he didn't have class Even let a gay jew man tack his jheri Then, got the nerve to call the next cat a fairy Swindlin', forgot the god above him Finally, fan base trinklin' down to nothing No concern for his estate, though, was yearnin' for a break Bitter and evil, didn't learn from his mistake The moral of the story is, don't be a pair of knickers Be good, boys and girls, and you can be as great as Rick is [Chorus 2x] [R. Kelly w/ Doug E. Fresh beatboxing] My baby momma's robe, my rent is overdue It took half the pay, and now my life is filled with rainy days But I stashed some dough, how much, you'll ever know It's Doug Fresh, Slick Rick, Kells and Jay-Z