Definition Of A Rap Flow Testo

Testo Definition Of A Rap Flow

Albee square mall
My house is the Albee square mall
My house is the Albee square mall
My house is the

[Verse 1]
Yo, let's begin it like this
The definition of a rap flow, I'mma reinvent it like this
Now what's that? Bust first, I bust back
Must crush, bust gats, must bust, a small time crook
I'm stealing your hubcaps, ain't nothing for discussion
I'm crushing you're dust and you're done in when I'm busting the rough raps
The Biz Mark, Biz Mark
What is it? A blizzard - Is it a limit?
Any crime you could name I commited
I admit it, I did it
Lottery, gotta be in it to win it
I'm just a white boy ruining what blacks invented
But I'm the baddest, undefeated
Beat it, believe it, leaving you leaking, losing blood like an anemic
I'm rather conceited
Rappers are comedic, heated leaving you paraplegic
I'm undeniable, diabolical, biological warfare
Rugged that raggedy bastard
His breath stink like he gargling with battery acid
Who would've figured me to be deadly?
They never be ready to bury me
Better be ready, nobody better than me
[Hook - Amalie Bruun & {RA}]
I'm feelin' so groovy now
Rugged Man's flow will fuck your whole head up
I'm feelin' so groovy now
{Let's begin it like this
The definition of a rap flow, I'mma reinvent it like this}

[Verse 2]
Rugged Man's flow is uglier than blind dates
My mental is heavy like Heavy D & Chubb Rock combined weights
I love myself, I'm so vain
I'm not just the king of New York, I'm the king of the whole game
Putting rappers in hibernation, they're hiding away
For retirement they're racing, it's funny, like a pie in the face
And devastating, made a mistake
And you're waiting, debating, facing your fate
And creating, hating, raping, imitating, the great
And break in your place and taking your safe and taking your paper
Paying for faking, this is history in the making, but wait
Spit at the cops, I'm resisting arrest
They wanna see me fry like a chicken wing and a breast
The truth is, behind closed doors I’m a bit of a sissy
Singing love ballads to bitches like Lionel Richie
No joking, bragging and boasting hoping to get close and approach 'em
Poke 'em, perking, and posing, putting poison in the potion
Cooking the coke and cutting your throat and opening the potion
Leaving you floating in the ocean
You was Aaliyah rocking the boat and
Leaving ya broken, you could get Smokey to second that emotion
Explosion of flowing, overdosing, the chosen has spoken


[Verse 3]
Rat-tat-tat sporadic, attack panic
Laying you down like craftmatic
You dissing missing your fingertips
You crack addict, I've had it
I'm back at it, the mathematic
Bringing the black magic attack
Hold up, let's slow it down with these raps
Let me catch my breath, let my brain relax
I'm so fly, I'm basically levitating
I'm in the Guinness book, record breaking
Hit you with a chair like the World Wrestling Federation
I got a bad reputation
Doc want to put me on a better medication
Cops hate me, harass me, interrogation
I’m dumb in the head, lack of education
That's enough, wait a minute
I'm finished, I'm done with it
Yo Swan, sing it


My house is the Albee square mall (repeated)

Go shopping (x3)
Let's all go shopping
Go shopping (x3)
Let's all go shopping