Legends Never Die (Daddy's Halo) Testo

Testo Legends Never Die (Daddy's Halo)


I can see your halo

[Verse 1]
Yo, my heart feel like it's suffering from strangulation
Tears flying outta my eyes, my heart racing and my hands shaking
The last days of your life as a cancer patient
I'm staring at your corpse praying and waiting for you to awaken
21 gun salute for the hero, the burial was beautiful
Both Green Berets and Screaming Eagles attended the funeral
I was mad at God like he murdered you
As a father you couldn't have done a better job
All six of your children basically worshipped you
If I needed advice I always came to you to discuss
You was the only person since the day I was born I ever trusted
Through poverty, death, disease and sickness
You always somehow found a way to turn the situation optimistic
I was a big fat kid overweight
So to clown me you bought me the Fat Boys, it was my very first rap tape
In the neighborhood you had a name, you was feared and respected
Other fathers walked out on their kids and left them neglected
My only regret about not selling out and getting richer
Is that if I made millions I could've shared it and spend it with you
I miss you, I love you daddy


[Verse 2]
Yo, part good samaritan, part criminal, a master with weapons
Nice with his hands, he was Rugged Man the original
As children we saw you losing your sanity
Even though we watched you struggle financially
You kept the love in the family
Daddy, I'm thinking about you every day though
I can see you holding a machine gun in heaven with angel wings and a halo
You was always quick to pick a pocket
You're the only one in heaven
Probably slick enough to pull off stealing God's wallet
In life the Lord ain't really deal you a fair one
I watched you bury your baby boy, you daughter and your grandson
You lived one hell of a life from being highly decorated
To being homeless sleeping in the park with your pregnant wife
If I acted up in the restaurant I knew I was being brave
Cause you'd take me to the bathroom and spank me 'til I knew how to behave
Taught me prayers at night and you'd tell me Bible stories
Taught me history, Crazy Horse and his tribal glories
How many times as a kid I seen you handcuffed by the cops?
You taught us black music, Sam Cooke, The Drifters, The Four Tops
Taught me about boxing, Ray Leonard and Larry Holmes
Around the same time you left my mother for Debbie Jones
I told the world your true story and after the record got made
Uncommon Valor, some said I dropped the verse of the decade
Everywhere you went you would tell the world about your son Rugged Man
You was so proud of me, daddy, you was my number one fan
You was always bragging about me to no purpose
On your deathbed you'd play my Mayweather interview for the nurses
Losing you, daddy, it hurt more than any physical pain
You was too young when the cancer went from your throat and into your brain
You was my teacher, my idol, I worshipped you, you was the best, daddy
You lived a tough life, now get some rest, daddy
I love you daddy