Luv To Fuk Testo

Testo Luv To Fuk

[Verse 1: R.A. The Rugged Man]
Ayo, ladies love Rugged, I'm a casanova
And once I make love to you, baby, it's all over
Your boyfriend beat you up, call me if you need some loving
Or if he's corny in the bed and you just need a good fucking
I'm living every man's dream
I'm in my mid 30's and I'm strictly fucking bitches that are barely 18
In bed women say ''oh, he's clever''
When I'm dead chicks will probably miss me more than the late Heath Ledger
Yeah, they love me long time, it's like it's '89
And I'm Christopher Williams and Al B. Sure! combined
And I'll never leave 'em, man-eater, dammit, I need her, she a diva
Lend her the visa to feed her, please her, I'm eager to ease her
Turn on your radio, chica chica, I know my voice turn you on
Take off your panties, make love to the speaker, come on

[Hook: Eamon]
You know I love to fuck, tearing up that butt
They always make me feel at home
Never leaving me alone, never leaving me alone
I swear they love the dick, drip, drip, drip
They don't forget my balls
They often long to bring me home
Never leaving me alone, never leaving me alone

[Verse 2: R.A. The Rugged Man]
Ayo, figured the way to get paid is to grab the mic rehearse, you know
Smooth as Jermaine, so baby, don't take it personal
Say I'm arrogant and cocky, wha, who me?
Kissing on your neck, woman, you can't refuse me
I got a crush on that big bitch Missy Elliott
After I fuck Missy maybe she can write me a hit
Your man repeatedly cheating, I'm treating you decent, we meeting
I'm leaving you screaming, fiending, reaching, you making your weekend
Call me Mandingo Kenny Norton
It's true I'm the ugliest dude getting pussy since Billy Bob Thornton
You need drugs, I can get 'em a little coke for your nose
In the clubs that's how you get models to take off clothes
In high school I was the type always beating up teachers
And getting head from the cheerleaders under the bleachers
Smoother than Jeffrey Osborne, more buttery than popcorn
Beautiful women all over the globe keeping my cock warm
So don't be jealous
That you're stuck home with a bunch of kids and a fat wife
Yeah, you wished you lived my life


[Verse 3: R.A. The Rugged Man]
Women can't handle my voice, it's so sexy and smooth
All I gotta do is talk and bitches get in the mood
You're the best at dicksucking, here's some mouthwash
Clean your mouth before you go home and start kissing your husband
You're insecure, you feel low? I'll give you some attention
You need a confidence booster, a little love and affection
Girl, you look good enough to eat, so sweet Aand petite
I'll take your shoes and socks off and I'll suck on your feet
And lick your ankles and your knees and your thighs and uh
Slowly making my way, I'mma make you cum all day
After the sex it make me nervous how these bitches be acting
They on some rabbit in a pot shit like Fatal Attraction
I'm back

[Verse 4: Eamon]
Filthy’s my friend, sex is the term
Difference with them, face full of sperm
Once I was blind, but now I see
These ladies want me more than I believe
And I love how they love everything I’m about
Poking that ass, bust through that mouth
After we cuddle and kiss through the night