Smithaven Mall (Why Did My Life Have To Be This Way?) Testo

Testo Smithaven Mall (Why Did My Life Have To Be This Way?)

This ugly motherfucker in the mirror (this fuckin mirror)
Punch a hole through this mirror (what am I supposed to do?)
This faggot in the mirror (can't deal with this breathin shit)
I hate this breathin shit (life is fucked up)

Yo yo yo
I can't believe the way I'm feelin
I wake up still poor plus the pain that exists ain't never healin
(Day by day) day by day goes by time is wasted
My situation make me want to take a permanent vacation
I'd die for my pride plus I'm tired
I got no more respect left for the people in the past that I admired
(I'm not shit) I'm not shit (I'm not shit)
I won't be shit (I won't be shit)
I eat shit; I cut my veins and then I bleed shit
Plus kid, no man can be trusted
I lusted for the spare custard
I see the mirror close, fist got busted
I get no bitches cause I'm broke
The last bitch I had fucked my crew and tried to play me like a joke
It's gettin closer to my big hour
I bought my first gun at six hour
Y'all know it's the only way to get power
But I ain't shit
Even with this gat I ain't shit (I ain't shit)
Ten years down the line the same shit (I ain't shit)
I blame myself but at the same time blame society
If yo ass don't know me then yo ass shouldn't be tryin me
Put the stick in my pants and grabbed the switchblade
that I got from my man the Harley Davidson rider
Better known as One-Eyed-Jake the Suffolk County biker
(I can't deal with this shit no more yo, oh man)
I start to feel the shit
I see this clique they think they ill as shit
But they won't think they ill when I start killin shit

Hey na na na now [x4]

Now let's get back to business
Witness the finish, shit is menace
being broke make motherfuckers turn to sinners
I go to Smithaven Mall to see if anybody wants some
Anybody want some? But this is gonna cost em
I walk in the sneaker store
My ass is about to get raw
Look at my watch it's a quarter past four
My mind's blank, flippin, shittin
This the dead zone
I see this spanish kid listenin to reggae on his headphones
I grabbed him, snatched him backwards
Smacked him, he tried to react is when I was tempted to put a cap in him
But I didn't, I figured it was best if he was livin
Pulled the stick out everyone inside the store started shittin
I made everybody in the spot get down on they fours
I made a 300 pound woman strip down to her drawers
It was sickenin, I couldn't believe what I was doin
My life is ruined at the age of 22
And it's for real, tryin to find the spot the safe is
Cannot escape this, I'm scared to be in jail with all the rapists
I tried to rule the world but I blew it
I gave the fat naked bitch the gun to kill me, she wouldn't do it
So I took the gun back and beat her down
I gotta find a place to creep now (I gotta be out)
Yo, yo
This where my shit stops
I turned around, surrounded by six cops
Put the clip in my stick got six shots
They made my skull almost cave in for misbehavin
It's cause I chickened out and threw the gun down and gave in
I had no respect on the outside
But now I got less respect on the inside (inside)
I tried to rule the world but I blew it
Wishin I was dead but I still don't got the guts to do it

Hey na na na now [x4]