Your Favorite Late Night Song Testo

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Testo Your Favorite Late Night Song

So I find myself in this old and beat up hotel room again
Scrolling through these photographs, flipping through my notebooks one by one
Empty pages that I meant to scribble on, loneliness is like a drug. It kills
Now, I'm outside your door
I'm not leaving, I won't touch
Can I be the song you used to love? these lyrics leave a hint inside your heart
Leave me breathless in this blistering cold
Unwrap the smile you love to hide, don't close the door this time just hear me out.
What you never said, what you never said
Was how you felt about this (story)
Leave it and regret, leave it and regret
I'll slowly slip away from knowing
You and myself included
We'll pick up where we left off
I'll be your favorite late night song
We're here tonight, we share this breath, I stutter to get my words across
I'm playing you our favorite song, So we're locked out and you're still waiting
Hoping for the change in me, I'm sorry I'm the worst example
Boys you better listen up, don't let girls like this go
Can you hear me I am screaming
It's not enough
5-A Moment Or A Lifetime
So dry your eyes
Believe me when I tell you, we will get through
One day at a time, you're finding out
This will only help you
We all pray just one more and I'm okay
When sleeps the only medicine for this
Keep dreaming while you're sleeping
I am so afraid, this will never be the same until you're gone
Keep dreaming while you're sleeping
When you wake this might take a moment or a lifetime
Did you hear, we traded memories for tears
It's time for our finale, we all pray just one more and I'm okay
When sleeps the only medicine for this
Don't forget
You have your life in front of you
Don't look back now never say you're sorry can't you see what he has done
You tell me he's deserving you say he's the only one
Hold your breath this time
Now let it out
It's not worth it, it's not worth it
When you say...
Polish me and make me new
Kiss me like I never knew
I long for lips to touch mine, for your hand to fit mine
You hit me like a heart attack so serious but yet so pleasant I
Never felt this good girl
I spend each night under the stars, formulating constellations for you
Every minute, every day I'm restless in my bed there's room for two
You're everywhere, every glance over my shoulder, every leaf that hit's the ground
Every moment I'm without you
I fall apart like a broken piece of record
I'll repeat all of my plea, I'm a mess without you darling can't you see?
I wanna learn the gentle way to bite your lip
Lock those doors to see those hips
I cannot breathe without you
I need to know, need to know just how you feel
My heart is dying, aching for something real
Oh, you got me thinking girl
I'm down on my knees
Come on breathe in baby
It's what I need
This is where we end up tonight