5th Word Testo

Testo 5th Word

Ghetto dope (5th Ward) (5th Ward bass) [ VERSE 1 ] I'm one bad muthafucka out the Nickel If a boy think he rough enough, then tell him just step Cause other than the Nickel, I ain't seen a man rough enough To do the shit the niggas out the Nickel do, yet Like in the Nickel ain't a night without gunshots 9mm's and them Uzis ain't shit You better be prepared to shoot a gang of muthafuckas Cause them niggas out the Nickel just love to click And fuck a pussy up until a pussy can't see straight Hear straight, walk straight, do shit straight And brothers out the Ward'll kill a man with the quickness Drive through South Park, you need a jimmy jam-plate What them boys know bout 5th Ward? 5th Ward (5th Ward) (5th Ward bass) Huh, what them boys know bout 5th Ward? Ghetto dope (5th Ward) (5th Ward) (5th Ward bass) [ VERSE 2 ] A lot of ignorant muthafuckas out of 5th Ward'll Deal with petty crime, and maybe snatch a bitch purse You're probably sayin, "How you still livin to tell the story?" When you live in the jungle, you learn to shoot a man first And I'm a nigga quick to shoot a nigga when his guard's down Fuck that other shit, let me regret it when I'm done Fuckin with the beat, to tell the truth, is kinda dangerous Cause ever since a kid I never really caught one I learned to shoot, let go if muthafuckas triple-crossed me Never trust a bitch and learned to juggle cocaine Keep a nigga's ass off of Liberty and Waco Cause that right there's a corner the hardrock claim Now many say that they done come up out of 5th Ward Mingled with the roughest, and the toughest, and the best If ever there's a nigga who you think ain't out of 5th Ward I'm a show you how you put his ass to a test Ask him where he from, and if he stutter, he a lyin ass Brothers out the Nickel don't forget where they from Ain't a bitch that a 5th Ward man ain't fucked Ain't a muthafuckin crime his ass ain't done Anytime you see em, that's a set of ex-convicts Who plan to go back in it anytime, it's just when A.K.-47 in the trunk with a Magnum Bitch, you better run, because your ass can't win What them boys know bout 5th Ward? [ VERSE 3 ] Now everybody know that 5th Ward's where I come from So I'ma show a 4th Ward nigga where it'is at Anytime he ready for the war, come check me I walk by myself, and I don't look over my back Cause who and all your posse and your friends and your family Ain't never gon' be ready for the wrath of the king So you and all your dancers that you call your little lynch mob Ain't even got no business with your ass in the ring Now [name], that's my boy and I respect him like a brother Anybody try to diss him, in some deep, deep shit I'm the first muthafucka with a record out of Houston And last muthafucka you should wanna fuck with At heart I'm still a Geto Boy, trigger-happy nigga With the love for 'making trouble', and the hate for a snitch Known to take your money, take your life, and take your jewelry So how you gonna play me when you look like you would bitch? What them boys know bout 5th Ward?