Universal Blues Testo

Testo Universal Blues

If I had one day
That I could do,
Yeah, would it be enough?
And if I hold my head,
Could I hold it all?
Could I hold it again?
And a heart goes a long way
And if I had it all
(And if I had . . .)
As she comes screaming afer,
Oh I say,
Who do you think that you are?
(Who you think that you are?)
What are you trying to do to me?
(What you tryin' to do to me?)
Well can't you see?

Hey, alright

Hey, and if I had it all
And if I had it all again,
Baby, would you come back to me?
Hey, and I tried to get back
To the start when I'm born again.
I bet I'm born again
And now I'm really gone.
(wait a few seconds . . .)

Coke and ice (x4)