A Friendly Favor Returned Testo

Testo A Friendly Favor Returned

Years have gone by,
Patiently I've been waiting.
Like a lion in the grass
To Brutalize its' prey.
You have no idea it's coming
This revenge will be cold served.
As my thoughts become vindictive
Past Pain seeps to the surface.
I heard that you are happy,
a fact that causes me pain
You do no deserve such, Therefore it shall be erased.
(By me)
So long I've disappeared
I am a forgotten memory.
But everyday its' surfaced (in some way)
What was done to me.
(By you)
Your wife is such a beauty,
Your children bring you joy.
They shall pay for daddies crime,
And help me end my pain.
I've been told to accept
What they did to me
I am not of forgiveness I will walk in blood for justice,