Into The Desert Testo

Testo Into The Desert

Patiently at the bus stop
A stranger to them I wait.
I watch them climb down the steps
I snatch them and escape, towards the desert.
Racing towards the setting sun,
where its' fiery embers glow.
I speed impatiently towards my path of vengeance.
My car crushes desert rock, as we near the spot
The vibrant colored sun-set distracts,
From my trunk, engulfed by curdling pleads.
I am enraged by rememberance, As painful memories in my psyche surface.
Arrival at the mountain top
This place of beauty, the crime spot
This place of beauty, future victims shall rot
This place of beauty, revenge is saught.
(and accomplished)
His first born from my trunk
I mercilessly pluck.
Childish, innocent eyes, tears begging for release
Innocense no affect on me, destroy purity.
Knife plunges into sturnem,
He jerks and quakes with shock.
Bellowing out from merciless pain,
As he falls and dies on blood soaked rock.
Second child rendered, to the place of pain
Knife across his neck, a hacked open vein.
His wife lays bound and gagged,
Because of her husbands sin, destroy all their
From the trunk, her removal, I stare hard in her
Knife into vagina, slowly tears at her insides.
Ovaries lay splattered upon the desert ground.
After their dismemberment my new life shall be found.
(in peace)