Meeting With Resolve (Peace At Mind) Testo

Testo Meeting With Resolve (Peace At Mind)

Years had gone by torment burned inside my soul,
With passion desiring justice unable to surpress.
Now it is all over, lady justice has been
Sadly the innocent had to die, quite now is my
Torment for me is over, My soul absorbs its' peace.
Their faces no longer haunt me, when I lay to sleep.
I wake sometimes in fear, that it was all untrue.
But justice has been served, torment for me is through.
I'm satisfied its' over, yet sometimes I'm empty.
A fires' been extinguished that burned for what
seemed eternity.
Without the passion and fire its' sometimes hard to exist.
What pushed me forward day by day, now lays extinguished.
I watch him in his torment, reminds me of my own past.
I have given back to him the pain that was to ever-last.
Destroyed for him his purpose, his main reason to face the day.
Now like me, in my past, every breathe he shall
Peace has been obtained,
with the expenditure of my pain.
The fire that caused me torment
Lies dormant and without flame