The Destruction Of Her (The Whore) Testo

Testo The Destruction Of Her (The Whore)

Sheets made of silk she sleeps so peacefully,
Dreaming of her future, ever comfortably.
I gaze at her through her window, filled with passionate rage.
She was all I ever wanted, To live out our hopes and dreams.
This is my moment of vengeance, finally to be.
I open up her window, I creep in quietly.
I stare at her face, a teasing flash of happy
Filling with the fires of hell I punch her face
Her soft brown eyes open, she looks at me in shock.
Horrified she tries to scream, I cover her small mouth.
Unconcious she falls with a quick punch to her head.
I drag her out her window, I took her from her bed!
I take her to our private place, where we used to make love.
Now it's time to pulverize and use her to get
I stuff my dirty shirt, in her dirty mouth, silence screams to come.
I tear her clothes off violently, and grab her warm naked body.
She looks at me in horror, she chokes and tries to plea.
But her life was already over, when she took herself from me.
I put my fist inside her, grabbing her poisoned
A quick merciless jerk, I once thought we were meant to be.
The same eyes that once said I loved you, look at me in pain.
But the gripping passion of betrayal reminds me of my hate..
I claw deeply at her eyes, so that I won't see them again.
This whore was my lover, she was my best friend.
Her flesh still warm and naked I turn her on her breasts.
I pull my throbbing cock from my pants, and stick it in her ass..
She squeals out in pain as I fuck her violently.
I used to be so gentle, but that changed when she betrayed me.
I gaze upon her gently for her last few seconds of life.
The desert air grows cold, it's time for her to die.
I wrap my hands around her neck, hearing her gargle for air.
Her veins begin to bulge she quivers with terrible fear.
A quick jerk, a sudden snap, it all comes to an
I look upon her naked corpse, I begin to reminiss.
The hard struggles we endured, The joys we shared as one.
But you had to throw it all away for the pleasure from my friend