Everything's Gone Testo

Testo Everything's Gone

One morning the sun felt so terribly tired wasn`t in the mood, yet, to rise The moon said, o.k., I`ll do your job, hey I`ll do it in diguise I want to see you again So he put on a mask and well managed the task `Til Mr. Jones got up very late He said, "Darling, my dear I`d say, something`s wrong here" When he saw that odd kind of shade I want to see you again One day you`ll notice that everything`s gone And there is nothing left for you to hold on You had this idea, you could carry on Travelling down the old road Meeting all the same friends Living and dying and lying and crying And saying goodbye all the time Roughen and toughen yourself and then laughing Is all what life is about One day she said to him, "I need to talk" And so they went down to the beach He thought they were going just for a talk on that walk but then she was ready to preach I want to see you again I don`t feel good, I`d like to do this and that And I`ll go on a different way And besides, my dear, I think that you`ve grown too fat but maybe, maybe some day I want to see you again