For No One Testo

Testo For No One

I dont want to hear it any fucking more
complain complain complain you attention whore
you motherfucking piece of shit
silver spoon you're fed from it
worthless piece of skin - get away from me
i wake up every day and i hope for something better
than to work to pay my bills to some rich motherfucker
today's the day i gotta try to fix my nihilistic life
time wont wait for me and we're all gonna die
time waits for no one

i wont apologize for any mistake ive made in my life
i hide from the past no longer starting this day
gotta smash the bullshit - gotta get away
baby steps are gonna get me where i need to go
cuz this downward spiral aint working no more
my vices are going to be the death of me
if i dont get a grip and break free

time waits for no one