Interlude 2 Testo

Testo Interlude 2

Hoe bitch, hoe bitch, no I wanna fuck
Take off yo' pants in the back of yo' truck
Please wet your whistle and go down on me
Please make the little funky sound on me
Lick it on the bottom and bite it on the top
Lay your sexy ass back and let the panties drop
Magnums, MAGNUMS! Tell me where you be
Front pocket, back pocket, under the front seat
Shorty pipin hot so I commence to finger poppin
Pussy nice and wet so you know it ain't no stoppin
But where be them jim hats, man it's goin down
Left hand on the titty right hand search the ground
Dog this little bitty's startin to get a little bored
Oh yeah I left them condoms, on Megan's floorboard