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Testo Life's Story

To me it's a river flowin free
to you it's a traffic jam
You feel like your stuck in the middle
and you can't get a breath of air
but tell me what your thinkin
'cause I'm all outta thoughs
You always thought you'd make it somewhere
but you never really got that far
But Now
I don't wanna be behind the wheel
that puts you in the wall
I made a promise this is true
but to keep it's up to you
So take a step but watch your back
'cause now your on your own
I tried to be there best I could
You never told me what went wrong.

Never again will you turn around
find what you never found
You're opening up a new door
first step's a long way from the ground
grasses arn't greener
on the other side of the fence
but tell me deep in your thoughts
did you ever find out what it meant
But now
Don't stop here
there's not time to waste
This life will bring you to your knees
but take a step back
find out what it means