B.I.G. (We Roll Big) Testo

Testo B.I.G. (We Roll Big)

[Hook: Romeo (?)]
We roll big in the city (big trucks big bikes)
(Big cribs big rims big wheels big ice)
We roll big in the city (big trucks big bikes)
(Big cribs big rims big wheels big ice)

[Verse: Romeo]
Now Im da king of da city and da Rich Boyz wit me
And my jewels that be hangin so just call dem tipsy
And my truck, is a Biggie cuz it sittin on fifty's
And my celli keeps ringin cuz the girls think Im pretty
Its nothin to get pretty u want me than come and get me
Im ridin like I was gipsy and dem boyz, Pretty Ricky
Lil' Uhh, yea I got da party jumpin
And I keep game wit me like that boy from Compton

[Verse: (?)]
I roll big dog similar to Fatman Scoop
And da inside of my whip look like da bad man coop
I ride bigger than the Shaq attack my arms sittin black on black
A fever on the back of that 24 inches (?) for that
P dawg P. Miller the signature (?) boyz we on the cellar bra
Im ready for a devil just come get me if you feelin rush
Guerrillas sittin on date girls see us they be chasin
No Limit thats back up in this so the haters just be hatin

[Hook: Romeo (?)]

[Verse: (?)]
Call my rims notorious cuz they B.I.G.
A towns three, I been a mouth like T.I.P.
Roll wit low not tryin the mingle
Rich on my bank account dog on hoes see every third single
Tryin the blacks the (?) and get ya blink fo'
Im from the South but my chain to the North hoes (bling)
Blingin one platinum and the others rolls gold
And my cars keep rims like basketball grows
Oh boy run up I take shots like polo Royce
Pac and swoll, like I feed my money Im still voice
Im fly, so Im still fresh like ail toys
Rich Boyz the best boyz, yon't wanna test boy
Red Escalade TVs red blue
Blue ice up in my piece like my chain feel wit many snoops
Rep the booth, hood up about the roof
Pee and lace my dogs wit diamonds now they shinnin on the coop

[Hook: Romeo (?)]

[Verse: (?)]
Im in that O.5 Porsche cops want to follow me
They even think Im sellin dope, or I hit the lottery
P. Miller rimsss is blazin, hit on black Tim
How my face good like the master's chasin
So I floss, pushin the clutch
I got woman wit dem hands in the car, sayin wassup
Thugs posted up on the block ready to get buck
Rich Boyz in the building so yall know wassup

[Verse: Young V]
Look I might be the youngest but I ride like a grown man
26 inches real spinnin like a home fan
Candy paint whippin hit the gas than Im gone man
Check ya out fifth from the rims from all the chrome and
Young V patrol the streets all week
Wit my Rich Boyz click u know we brigin da heats ya dig
But at my age a only way Im a kid
Man I might pull ya chick cuz we all ride big

[Hook: Romeo (?)]