Love Is All Around Testo

Testo Love Is All Around

We were always together
You knew every thought that I had
My wish was your command like match made in heaven
Then we took it right back to earth
And things got out of hand

But now look into your eyes I feel something I can't disguise
It's like I needing something new
It makes me wanna get it with you

Suddenly I see what you mean to me
What is lost is found
Love is all around
And do you think of me like I think of you
Can you hear the sound?
Love is all around

Love is all around

I was walking in circles
Used to know the way but couldn't find it anymore
I thought the world had know colour
Tried to weave but nothing would take the seam out before love


Ohh yeah

We can have the good times and take the bad times just remember what is found
I will stand behind you love will guide you
Baby love is all around

Love is all around


[Chorus x3]