Nobody's Fault But Mine Testo

Testo Nobody's Fault But Mine

I couldn't love you your way
Still you came to see me day by day.
But now I miss you all the time,
No heart can't be sad as mine
Ain't nobody's fault but mine!

What will I do tomorrow?
Warren down and suffering with my sorrow
Crying ain't gonna help me now
I made a mistake anyhow,
Ain't nobody's fault but mine!

One day I've got to pay for my mistakes, hey
By and by, by and by
It's gonna carry me straight to my great rule
By and by, by and by

Instead of you tryin' to spend my money
Yet your favorite word is “come in, honey!”
I was just a dog on fool, trying to be some dog on cool
Ain't nobody's fault but mine! Yeah!
I did it, yeah!
Made a big mistake, ya, it's nobody's fault!
Nobody's fault but mine!
I did! Something wrong to the girl
Nobody's fault but mine,
I made a big mistake, mistake
It's nobody's fault but mine!
Nobody's fault but mine
I did it, did, myself!