Reel Testo

Testo Reel

You want to write a book but our lives pour off the pages.
You have stacks of memories but words cannot contain us.
The fire that dwells will rip the cover from the spine,
so just ink one line; “these boys will outlive time.”
We will be always and forever.
Our lives remain immortalized.
We’re still stuck in the movie of our lives.
Sequel after sequel our visions come to life.
We’re ready to shoot it out.
Both guns loaded.
We’ll die and live forever.
Immortalize these moments.
You can sit back and watch.
There’s no graves with our names on them.
There’s no cells with beds laid for us.
There’s no limit to how much we can over fantasize.
Kick up your feet.
Roll the film.
These words, these boys, and our lives remain immortalized.
These words will last forever.
These boys will last forever.
Our lives will last forever.
This song will fade but we will live forever.