All About Her Shmoney Testo

Testo All About Her Shmoney

Girl, he got shmoney

[Hook] x2
She all about her shmoney, she don't fuck with broke niggas
She don't with broke niggas, she don't fuck with broke niggas

[Verse 1]
Lil bitch, go and shake that ass for these tips
Come bring it back and do a split on this dick
For a couple bands, she'll shmoney dance on this dick
Pussy so good, I went to France with the bitch
Damn, she look good when she back that ass up
Damn, I look good when I stack the cash up
I'mma lay a lil nigga now, don't forget it now
Pussy nigga good, boy, you know I tear it down
Broke niggas talking but I can't hear 'em now
Pussy niggas play, boy, you know I sit 'em down
Fool nigga play with me, I make his brains hit the floors
Smoke some good weed with my bitch and watch hit the floor
I done roll through the door, make some bands with the bitch
Like you never see me walk in holdin' hands with the bitch
I'mma lay a lil nigga, don't fuck with broke niggas
And she all about her shmoney, she don't fuck with broke niggas

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Bobby Shmurda]
Walk up in this bitch throwing C-notes
With some G Code, got her in the back yelling "East coast"
Little bit of Henny with some weed smoke
And some Clicquot , told my freak ho "Keep my drink, ho"
She gon' pop that pussy for the week though
Every weekend, tell her I need some pussy and some deep throat
She gon' do that thing until her knees broke
On the d-low, baby, we ain't through like 3 bros
(?) told my nigga go in beast mode, I'm in beast mode
Shooting niggas for the cheap, ho
Nigga only owed the nigga 30, yeah 30
Then I shot him with the eagle
Cause a nigga got a big ego, I’m illegal, bustin’ shots like it’s legal
Cops tryna find me like I’m Nino
I’m in Reno, geeking hoes down like I’m Z-Ro

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Too $hort]
Bitch boy, you can't tell me shit
I'm the kinda nigga she wanna be with
You the kind of nigga she likes right now
VIP and just spent 5 thou'
Get it right, welcome to the stage
Pull some cash out your pocket and watch her get paid
I know you tryna' hit that, if you ain't got enough dick for that
Big cat, she'll probably make you spend a lil more
Or maybe you should go
Silly ass pimps out there playing with these hoes
I'm a real one, ask her what she want from me
It's nothing, I'll show her how to get money
If he don't throw it in the air, he better not touch her
She don't love you, man, she nothing but a hustler
Fuck yeah, hell naw, she won't fuck you
Take her to your spot, boy, the bitch might rob you

[Hook] x2