Lost Time Testo

Testo Lost Time

Some towns got tobacco, some towns got the mines this town is all working men, and a river that flows like wine came of age a child of twenty, and I took my place in a line Du Pont was hiring and winter comin' on and they paid twice for overtime well, I met Sara McHenry, in a tavern one July found myself back to work on monday put in a claim for lost time thirty years the fire's been burnin', they'll burn for ever more see them flames they leap, like comets in the sky the poison's deep at the core thirty years we sowed the poison, hills bloomed and then went bare methylene she runs, straight down river sweet as roses in the air so now you tell me how they're clearing out a town called Love Canal ain't nobody here, going nowhere the work's like water from a well and the sky above this valley, it's filled with smoke and prayers and our sins won't be forgiven, no they won't be remembered and we'll be spared Sarah closed the door the last time, and she pulled on out the drive I said I would never bring a child into this world even if it meant my life so it's one for the road, one for the open sky one for whiskey, one for rye and for cashing checks for lost time some men they grow old thinking, how they rented out their lives most of us are downtown drinking looking for lost time