Sweeter Ground Testo

Testo Sweeter Ground

Will my body remember every tenderness? and every word I spoke in sleep? every forgiveness I've abandoned? and every wish I couldn't reap? will the praries draw the lightning and burn to black at summer's end? will the river flow to Hamilton? will the road I walk ever bend? when I lay me down when my feet are bound will the wind still sound? when I lay me down in a sweeter ground. I've been faithful to the wandering of every hitcher on highway 109 in their eyes I've placed a story in their hands I've felt a blood of mine three roads belonging to no one cut the desert like the lines on my palm fortune, love, and life everlasting and the warm wind to bring me balm when I lay me down when I touch that crown will time rise or drown? when I lay me down in a sweeter ground if I had wings like Noah's dove if I could love the way clouds rise if I could shine like the light on the rails find hope in dreams and songs in sights