The Tennessee River Waits For Me Testo

Testo The Tennessee River Waits For Me

She lived all her life east of Knoxville she knows her name in Cherokee she don't think too much of the 20th century, and she says, "the Tennessee River waits for me." she recalls the day he went to Nashville oh the trail of the Carter Family with his black guitar, harmonic, and sweet blue melody, he said, "will the Tennessee River wait for me?" she watched his son grow dark and hansome she watched his grandson grow up too she read the postcards that he'd send from Tulsa and Bergoo, and she'd say, "the Tennessee River waits for you." he had a hit recording in '57 a song about a love that never dies she'd hear it on border stations at night when she closed her eyes, and she'd dream that the Tennessee River carried stars in the skies. she read it in the Sunday paper the song was over, the high livin' was through he stole that song from Texas Red and only changed a word or two, but she said, "the Tennessee River waits for you." there were no more songs and no more letters just a drifter who'd lost his deal he held a photograph of her by the oldest willow tree and a note: "the Tennessee River watches over me." he died on a lonesome night in Phoenix in a stranger's company and just before he breathed his last and let his soul go free, he said, "the Tennessee River does not wait for me." she walks down to the river in the moonlight she wears her wedding jewelery she steps into the current she feels so young and free, and she says "Tennessee River don't you stop for me."