Hospital Testo

Testo Hospital

[Verse 1: Rozz Dyliams]
Doctor Dylan kill to satisfy my urge of death
Gaining fortune off of rapping like I even give a shit
If a bitch wanna talk shit you see a bitch get hit
All I wanna see is violence and I'm the cause of it
Yeah it's Rozz ya bitch coming down tippin' threes and fours
Where'd you get your medical degree?
You don't need to know
My anesthesiologist got pigtails and you know she go
Do if your nervous let your mind unwind and let your breathing slow
Sink in deep oh low
To the place Dylan go when he need to go to get away from everything if only for a minute though
Waking up to flashbacks
What a time to be alive
In an operating room with the the windows open tonight
Welcome to surgery world
Everything you see inside is mine to pick apart and stitch and slice until I get it right
Ah perfection what a sense of tension knowing you might die
A meticulous way to lose all sense of direction and time
Yeah it's surgery man
I hit the surgery rhyme
Put a scar on your head the real kings at crime
Crimewave checking pussies like the head of obstetrics
Dylan get the green tip the triple beam off the metrics
I detonate the arsenic i got up in your prescription
You know I hate you with a passion it ain't no need to mention
But while I gotcha in my haunted hospital of transgression
Undergoing radical treatments that ain't never been tested