Hound From The Sound Testo

Testo Hound From The Sound

Hound (x16)
Hound from the sound (x8)

Flesh of my beast, blood of my brain
Blood of my beast, to wash away this earthly stain
Anti-religion and unforgiven, fallen from heaven
Banished to this planet, its the wickedest witch
Of all existence
I'll take everything that you love right from underneath you
In just one single instance
Dylan been killin it, poppin it, fillin it, bitch
And I been on that wicked shit
Been on that ungod, ungodly mentality
Thats the literalness
You enter the mind of a killer, past the point of no return
Now enter the abyss
I'm hearing voices and they speak in rewind
Had a message of blasphemy, the messenger was my nine
I get sadistic when I carry out this vengeance of mine
Render you paraplegic and hit you dead in the spine
Hit your face with a hammer and give you a brand-new design
Make your brain matter and your fuckin' retina combine
Dumped the remains off of a bridge, and asked a cop for the time
All nonchalant, then I got back home
And wrote this wicked-ass rhyme
Now its time

Hound (x16)
Hound from the sound (x8)
I'm hunting you, I'm right behind you, hunting you
Me and my friends belong to an elite, exclusive hunting group
Not "friends"
The people inside of my head that tell me what to do
And where to go, and how to keep my composure to find you
Ahh yes, we meet again
The beast needs to eat again
I woke up in a puddle, cause I pissed my plastic sheets again
Thinking about my deep obsession, masturbate while writing verses
Hatred worsens as I get to thinking, it got my penis twitchin'
God came down to heaven to find me, so he could give me a vision
Total extermination of the planets major three religions
All the plastic wrap, and blood and guts on the wall with feces dripping
Made an incision, fucked up, got distracted by my CD skippin'
Skippin to New South Wales in a cinch if things up here get too suspicious
Bout to get a different face so it can't be traced by facial recognition
Running this shit til' Im committed, shitted, hanging from the rafters
Uncle Jim and Manuel said it was better to get it done with faster

Hound from the sound