Surreal Testo

Testo Surreal

When was the last time you lost yourself?
In this spiral down ride we all call life
My head is everywhere, it can't be real cause this is surreal
Like a razorblade I'll cut through the silence
Follow the scent of an angel slowly descending to me
It can't be real cause this is so real

It's surreal
Cause I'm falling
He screamed at me internally, 'your living lost inside another'
She said, 'you could be more than you think to be, fight back the fear and be surreal'

I'll perforate down on my own accord
And tango with the clouds, cause I'm already halfway down
I don't ever wanna go all the way back down

Why do we all live in our heads?
And pray to god for answers that don't exist
I'd pray to be a ghost
Or slowly fade away
I'd pray to become anything at all