The Grand Illusion Testo

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Testo The Grand Illusion

So I've made my decision
and there's no going back,
cause' time will win the world
and what happens after that
is just some lost cause;
some thing we thought that we could fight.

We must wake from this coma
of constant routine,
pick off the callous
and love what's underneath,
cause' other than that
we will discover we have nothing left.

And I guess you call that changing the world,
or at least some kind of grand illusion.
A veil that's been pulled over your face.
Some marriage between honesty
and all the zeros somewhere in between.

Now change is intangible,
just nickels and dimes.
A constant reminder
of the nations biggest lie.
Just some lost cause,
a difference we thought we could make.

So we turn to our text books
and bibles alike,
in search of an answer,
the salvation type,
but nothings real
except the love that passes through us.

And I guess you call that lying to the world,
or at least some kind of grand deception.
A veil that's been lifted from your face.
Some break up between honesty
and every single zero in between.