How It Was Supposed To Be Testo

Testo How It Was Supposed To Be

Fresh like the kiss of morning dew
That's how It felt that day we met and I 1st laid eyes on u... (yeaahhhhh)
It's like you walked right about my fantasy
And then you left that day
Girl why did u abandon me
Baby you'll see when you

And I wonder if you'll ever find out how it was supposed to beeeee Babyyy [x2]

Now when I thnk back the days you were mine
Oo how I wish I can flip a switch to turn back the hands of time Ooo Babyyy
You were the one that made me real
Now that your gone tell me what in the world am I suppose to feel.
Without you here W/ me

[Chorus x2]

Something tells me I've been wrongggg
Of the love I felt that u should have given
Never thought u would leave me on my own
But I see that it's over [? ]

[Chorus x4]