Kingpin Testo

Testo Kingpin

Crime does pay so you take the easy way to earn money
Your finger is on the trigger, READY AND WAITING IN THE CURVE
Release your hounds then check your pimps, thinking you're invincible
But you'll lose your balance while running to tomorrow

You can't wash the blood on your hands
These underground factions claim retaliation

Your lust is breeding wars in the streets
In the shadows you pull the strings
And y' still think fake smiles and handshakes
Will save you from flying bullets

Money is strength, strength is power, insatiable because you still want more
And I don't want to live this way, I'm thinking STRAIGHT and my heart is PURE
Don't even see a grin when you hear the cries of your next victims
So take' em out, rip' em off and shot' em DOWN, turn their lives to fucking flatlines

You can't wash the blood on your hands
Come on and get some, take the blow right in the face

A bodybag is waiting your corpse wrapped in white sheets
Sinking and drowning, feet bound by concrete
So you wanna be a crime king? But what you'll earn is nothing
You will lose your crown!