Slide Testo

Testo Slide

(Helluva made this beat, baby)
Hood know we gon' slide
Give me one reason, hmm
You know I keep it
Cop a murder, then I beat it
I said don't turn me up
Please don't turn me up, hey
Gon' make me slide on you (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Slide (Slide), slide (Slide), slide (Slide), slide (Slide)
Slide (Slide), slide (Slide)
Slide (Slide), slide (Slide), slide (Slide), slide (Slide)
Slide (Slide), slide (Slide)

I ain't gotta slide on him, I slid
Bitch ass nigga know what I did
I mean his gang know what I did
How the fuck I'm gon' kill a nigga again?
Aim for the chest, for the neck, and the chin
Headshots really be the best, I'ma win
Fake ass bulletproof vest, he a kid
He really bullshittin', what I'ma do with niggas?
Argue with a nigga on the 'net?
'Cause in real life, Skuba Steve, Sada Baby beat him blue, nigga
Matter fact, if I hit a fan
Bet my last band that his lame ass gon' try sue a nigga
Purpin' ass nigga for the 'Gram
Man, that shit sad, be the main reason I be tryna shoot, nigga
Niggas probably never understand, 'til I pull up on they mans
And my hollow tips get to going through a nigga
I get the brain with an opp nigga slut
Bitch suck dick, guarantee she eat the nut
Ten times out of ten, I ain't eat the butt
Ten more times out of ten, she ain't get a buck
Nigga ever put his hands on me, out of luck
Put the 40 on his ass, give a fuck if he duck, hmm
Matter fact, nigga, knuck if you buck
If it's up, then it's stuck, but you knew that, lil' nigga
You stay cappin', why you do that, lil' nigga?
Tito Jackson, you ain't exclusive, lil' nigga
Skuba Mike Jackson, I'll moonboot a nigga
Mmh, bitch, I'm high, I mean I'll moonwalk
Wipe my face with the bandana, bool off
Big Ape, Big Squad, that's what the crew called
Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, that's a crew call
We'll put that cutter to his head, that's a crew cut
All y'all niggas got straps, don't shoot nothin'
All my niggas got straps, they'll move somethin'
I'll get to swingin' on a nigga, leanin' on a nigga
Put it on God, I'll do something
My granny told me pray to God get the juice up
Every time I calm down, I get juiced up
'Cause my old bitch see me on some new stuff
Cuff my new bitch, no, I don't give two fucks, hmm
I get to fucking this pape' up, huh
Chop get to fucking his face up, huh
She say she ain't never had nan', ho
She like me so much, she'll play drum, huh
Niggas so scared they'll play dumb, yeah
I got moves like You Got Served
I up this tool like, "You got nerve"
I'll leave a nigga top half sittin' on the curb

It's time to slide on him
It's time to slide, slide
It's time to, huh, huh
Baby, ooh, it's time to slide on him