Once Upon A Time Testo

Testo Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was this boy, he lived in Omaha
And he met this girl that lived so far away
Well he tried his best at missing her
But couldn't bare to wait, to receive the wish that set his heart free

So he sailed to her
To the only love he would ever know

So he set for sea with open sails
And journeyed far away
Trying desperately to make it to her world
Well he conquered waves, and killer sharks
And even hurricanes
But his heart it stayed steadfast on one thing

And we know that the stars,
They lead us to our hearts
And that's all that we'll ever need

Well his compass it stopped working
So he sailed by the stars
And they led him straight to her open arms
Well it just goes to show
That when the lighthouse stops calling
Oh the beacon of love it burns on, it burns on.

Once upon a time there was this boy
He lived in Omaha
And he fell in love with the perfect girl