Blow The House Down Testo

Testo Blow The House Down

Weaving in his basket chair
'twist you round a lock of hair
made of straw -- the wicker man
made of straw -- I'll blow your house down

bishops falling from the windows
the lightening makes your hair stand on end

this dervish frenzy -- will make you run around
this dervish frenzy -- will turn your head around
blow the house down

stretching a rubber band miracles trip over
feel where we stand
shift the ground -- caterpillar man
crumbling castles in the sand
blow the house down

feebly we put our heads out of our foxy laire
we feel the chill from the night soare
standing in the storm -- waiting for the flash to crash
counting seconds before we turn to ash

it's getting nearer ...
blow the house down
this dervish frenzy -- will turn your head around

standing on the stairs that want to fall down
it's getting nearer don't turn your head around
made of straw
a lighted match
burn the house down
turn your head around
pillars of salt watch as it all burns down
down to the ground
blow the house down