Honey I Was Right About The War Testo

Testo Honey I Was Right About The War

Eight years ago on a summer night
On the streets of L.A was our first fight
It turned out to be the first of many more
The country was all in up rise
Who to blame and who to fight
And who to kill and bomb
To settle the score

You said "My love in times like these
You don't dare question the President"
And I raised my voice to the girl I most adore
I said "I know it's hard for you to see,
But I will not blindly follow one who blindly leads,
No matter what the cause"

Three thousand dead in N.Y.C
And now three thousand more across the sea
No-one could tell me what for
And I'm not one to say I told you so
But time has passed and now we know
That honey I was right about the war

A rich mans chess game is called a war
And the pawns they use are named the poor
And no-one ever wins
And I say for shame on anyone
Who orders young men to shoot a gun
For these gods you kill and die so easily for

And my dear the end is coming soon
Not for the earth, just me and you
And every other soul who shares the world
You kill a million men but ideas we'll still endure
People were not meant to shoot for sport
Goddammit I was right about the war