She's Not On The Menu (Dunce Mix) Testo

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Testo She's Not On The Menu (Dunce Mix)

Who is that new waitress?
He wants her on his plate
Well every time he sees her
he just has to masturbate
He wants her luscious breasts
On the end of his fork
but all this menu offers
Is chicken, beef, and pork

I don't want that girl to be mine
For breakfast lunch or suppertime
She's not a sex object but a person too
I know that she's not on the menu

He wants to eat her body
Just like a plate of fries
and suck out all the gravy
That seeps into her thighs
He says he "loves" that girl
And he thinks that it's true
Cuz every time she speaks to him,
He cums into his soup