Glee Testo

Testo Glee

Ayy, this uh, SG Sniper Gang mixtape and shit man
But we be- we be swaggin' so hard we'll turn this shit into an album, know what I'm sayin'

Glee, glee, glee, glee, glee
I forgot the mask, I forgot the ski
Damn, I forgot my gloves, I forgot to bring the ski
Damn, 'fore I went to sleep, took a shower and beach
Wicks, Flipper, Pistol Pete
Gunpowder got me geeked
I'm standing out the way, my heat never out of reach
Glee, that forty got a dick, don't make me skeet
Glee, I keep a dick, pull it baby skeet

Ayy, Kodak you a freak
Giving lessons, disrespect me I'ma teach (fire, fire)
Call me Freddie, I come get you in your sleep (on Elm Street)
I'm not a B or a C, I'm a Z (Big Z)
Ayy swagger P on the scene
Damn, just bought a virtual gun
Damn, bitch so sensitive
Almost shot my feet, I got a tender dick

Who is it?
That ain't nobody bruh, you trippin'
I keep two glizzys
Y'all niggas shoot crooked
That nigga, pop top, smoke later
Houdini, I'm gone, bye hater
I'm in all black nigga, call me Darth Vader
Nigga run right in your trap, nigga like I was the raiders
You would think I was the raiders, you would think I was SWAT
I was snatching chains, cash for gold, swap the shop
Glock with a dick, bust a nut, don't you cock block
Damn I'm on this lick, 'bout to jump out on my opps' block
Umh, make the Glock rock, umh, make the Glock pop
Umh, make the street rock, umh, make the heat rock
Rock the work, I'm in the kitchen whippin' heat rock
I know your G spot, nigga I know your G spot
Hah, you niggas pussy, I know your G spot
I run up in your G spot
SG, don't you post up on 18th block
I remember selling slabs on 18th block
I was on that slab, nigga gettin' lot of guap
This rap don't pop, if this rap don't pop
I'ma be on that slab doin' fraud
I will leap right in your house, you'd think I was a frog