Love My Toolie Testo

Testo Love My Toolie

Aye Petho, stop playing with that motherfuckin' gun
Man what the fuck man
Since you got that motherfucker you can't put dat bih' down

Petho he just keep on playing with the racthet
Use to catch me with the niggas that i knew from back than
Gotta keep my brother with me, yea that automatic
Mr. Flipper, he gon flip ya
Like a Krabby Patty
I love this toolie
She such a cutie
Big ol booty
Cock it, shoot it

Look at my swag, yea
Poppin dem' tags, yea
Doing the dash, making dem' mad
Picking the backend
My life like magic
Pull up & Blast kid
Im really a savage
I keep it a thousand K
Deeper than amazing grace

These niggas gay
I can see the hate from a mile away
I might get yo bitch, skeet all over her face

Ain't talking chicken, but I'll hit you with a 3 piece
I keep that pistol hidden right here where my dick be
I do you like my watch, leave a nigga trippin
Running with that mach, catch a nigga slippin
1800 block, bitch you dying how im living
Im taking my nigga to the lot once he get out prison
Im rocking blue and red i ain't blood or i ain't crippin
Im rocking blue and red nigga hate his independence
26 13 6, we riding with 30 clips
But i keep 60 now, i gotta be sure and shit
Lay stacks in front of me now cause i be hurting shit
My nigga my enemy now, be thinking bout hurting him
Yeah, nigga you gon cuff her im gon pass that
I feel like Cam right now, im fucking the bad brat
WD-40 nigga im smoking gas packs
Fucking these birds like im a bad black fat cat
Getting the cheese like im a mad black lab rat
Yeah, i just sent my mama that shit thru Cash app

Thumbing through check, ayy
Put it on necks, ayy
Pulling on stolen lex's
Got tech like we mad at the ref
Ayy, ayy
Don't fuck for checks
Pop pussy & give her some neck
I gotta check
That I'm willing to put on your neck, ayy
No need to flex
Got it off the muscle, all night what I rest
I just made my respect
The man with respect, or drawn down with this TEC