Let's Start A Fucking Revolution Testo

Testo Let's Start A Fucking Revolution

America our new vision
Unglue from the television
We won't quit our bitchin'
Separate from the Right-Wing Christian
Fuck that cuz the Bible's fiction
Jesus in the urinal pissin'
Preachin' shit but I'm not listenin'
Talking, talking, talking, talking,

[Chorus: x2]
At the top of our lugs screaming
Open up cuz you're not dreaming
Now we've got the solution
Lets start a revolution

Brainwashed by the Head Of State
The government cannot relate
And they cannot procreate
Or acknowledge the hate they do create
Now I wonder what is in store
For the tired and the poor
Sayin' shit but we're too busy
Dying, dying, dying, dying

[Chorus x2]


[Chorus x3]