Stick Around Testo

Testo Stick Around

Say I believe in something but you never gave that to me
Finding new ways every day to disappoint my dreams
I was born out of loving my soul an empty slate
Can't give up on hoping that it's not too late

I can do anything

Oh girl you're not bad but, you need some work
Some kind of tragedy waiting to occur
Well I don't need it, but I'll do it again
Stay with me in winter and all through spring (but it didn't mean a
thing - all through spring)

I can do anything
I will do anything

I heard you're going with some guy called Ted
Now I'm remembering all the things you said
Just take a look at me and see that I am down
And I will say to you........Stick Around

I believe in sunshine, I believe in scenes
Finding new ways every days to disappoint my dreams
Play me like you mean it, Play me oh so well
I wanted Funfairs & Heartbreak, but you just gave me hell
Something, in the city When you're feeling kind of blue