Garvey Testo

Testo Garvey

One day you will die,
know I wont be far from your side.

My eyes will flood and pour as my tears
pour rivers from my cheeks to the floor.

But I think I’ll understand how the God you believe in
could make such a demand to have you sitting
by the side of his hand in stitches, the way you left me.
And one day I’ll be fine,
until then I’ll wait with both my hands tied.

I’m a blindfolded boxer.

I’m making noise just to keep myself heard.

You’ve got to try and understand
why these wolves cry at night in the holiest fashion.

See, our darkest moments seem to shed the most light,
so move forward and try to make right.

One day we’ll say bye,
know on that day a part inside me will die.

Cause this heart doesn’t beat as fast without you Garvey,
hold me to it when you go to sleep.