Backroading Testo

Testo Backroading

(Lyrics by James Scott and Dave McClain)

It's getting late, but not too late to take a drive
Grab the keys let's come to life
What a nice surprise, a perfect night
To leave all of our cares behind
Hit the road and see what we can find

Destination anywhere
Nothing but time to spare
Let go, let the head lights lead us there
Put the pedal to the metal
Blur past this sleeping town
Get lost until our way is found

Let the asphalt take control of what we know
Watch the world just fade away
What are we waiting for?
Just you and me, this energy
The road is here to set us free
Fighting daybreak with gasoline

There's no place I'd rather be than with you, right now
I hope this night never ends
The destination is the journey
Just sit back and enjoy the ride
Let's go!

I hope this night never ends
Let's stop the sun from rising