Make Me Shake Testo

Testo Make Me Shake

(Lyrics by James Scott)

Pure perfection poisoning the vein
Arteries lack the power
To push it away from the heart
Away from the heart

I'm enamored by the smell
Touch, taste, the vision, the sound
Praying for a sixth sense
That it can't take away

I can't stand still

Make me shake
Fault lines are deceiving
This can't be real
We're faking the feeling
My body lies helpless
You're leading
Goodbye, tonight
You're just too hard to fight

Leaving, retreating, I crave her, I am her

What do I have to do to make you shake
Your fault lines are deceiving
This is gonna hurt, make no mistake
There's no way to fake the feeling
You're wrong for me
No way to fake it anymore