Give Me A Sign Testo

Testo Give Me A Sign

Well here you come,
And there you go,
Round and round
And round I know,
It's safer just to let you be today.

Well my mind says yes,
But my lips say no,
And my heart says move
But my legs won't go,
I lost another chance to say hello.

I'm nervous everytime you walk by,
This wall between us is too strong,
It's safer just to stand in silence,
Don't know if it's right or wrong,
Just give me a sign.

At a loss for words,
What role to play?
Need a noun and a verb
And a joke to say,
Maybe it's best if I just walk away.

What if I'm right?
How can I know?
I hate things out of my control,
It's a two way street and traffic's moving slow

Oh, its safer just to let you be today