Peace Of Mind Testo

Testo Peace Of Mind

Thumbtack, I didn't see you there,
You caught me off my guard
And I can't say I was prepared
For the sharp prick, right into my heel,
This feeling isn't real
And so I don't know why I feel
So bad, it makes me mad

I don't need for you to say
Anything more than it's ok
I wish these thoughts would go away
Because I need some peace of mind now

Smokestack, filling up the sky,
Clouding up my mind
And now I can't seem to reply
To your questions, you're reaching deep inside,
And I can't seem to hide
The truth anymore,
I'm just too sore


I find myself so tongue-tied,
And I know it's not right,
This would be so much easier if you just weren't so
Beautiful, Beautiful
(It's not like me)
Beautiful, Beautiful
(To not be able to say anything to you, what am I supposed to do)
(It's not like me)