Phantom Testo

Testo Phantom

As the sun falls
Beneath the cloudless sky
Memories call
I utter no reply

Don't wanna feel
The way I did before
It was surreal
But I must shut the door
You're just a phantom

I was so young
And impressionable
Wanted some fun
And you were beautiful

That time is gone
The set's been moved away
Our scene is done
So why are you here?
You little phantom

I want to know
Why you're here
I want to know
Who you are
And I think I might have an idea

Oh, You take me by surprise
With your outstretched hand and striking eyes
But if I try and reach for you
My hand will fail and slip right through
Cuz you're not there
You're just a phantom

Oh, yes, I wish I could give in
This lovely phantom is my friend
We'd fly away into the dark night
Out of mind, out of site
But I can't give in
You're just a phantom