Slipping Away Testo

Testo Slipping Away

I never thought
It would end this way
I always prayed
It would end up another way
End up another way

But I,
Was fooling myself
She was too good
For me
I'm never gonna know
Never gonna know
What we could have been

And we
Talked on the phone
Every night
But that
Didn't mean a thing in the end

But I,
Treated her right
Was a nice boy
To her
But that is all about to end

Because she's slipping away slowly but surely.

I hope that she knows
What she is missing
I would have given her everything
But now she is slipping

I know there's still time
And I shouldn't give up yet
But I'm lonely and tired
I just wanna go to bed

And I hope
She will remember
The things that I said
To her
I waited for her all this time

And now she's slipping away slowly but surely

But she
Don't get me wrong
Is a nice girl
That's why
The problem isn't her its me

That's why she's slipping away slowly but surely

Five years from now
She comes up to me
We go to the same

She says
How have you been?
What classes you in
This term?
I guess some boys just never learn
Here we go again...

I'm tired of waiting
Night after night
I'm tired of believing
Everything will be alright

You're slipping away and
I can't catch you now
My heart is in pieces
Lying on the ground

She's Slipping Away