Postcards From Rockie Testo

Testo Postcards From Rockie

Sitting in a public bar
on such and such a street
I am drinking away my money to escape this stinking heat
but the more I keep drinking
the more I keep thinking
of you
as I write you these postcards from Rockie

well the road it winds miles miles north
flirtin' this way and that
swingin with the shore
but tonight I know I shall revive from this drive
slowing down my senses in homehill
in homehill
in homehill

I can see the clouds they are building
building and building

and then the creeks they arise
making it hard for me to drive
but I don t want to stuck here
miles away from you
no I don t wanna be miles away
no I don t wanna be miles away from
no I don t wanna be miles away