Angel Of Torment Testo

Testo Angel Of Torment

truth and coherence
logic explication to non logic behaviour
justice you create your one
gotta float on your peace cloud
keep calm respect just blind all this glamour but
you'll recognise it from the shadows sheer off
you'll be there fucking waiting for what
follows peace he'll start another fucking war
piss over fire he'll put a bunch of devilish oil
smiles he'll find someone stupid enough to be filled
with hate
fuck i won't ever suffice a joke won't prove it to ya
stay and keep a sad souvenir of this lost battle
remorse? rational action which conforms
aims to the means towards
which it tends run the whole
way after your soul's music it will make
your hear your own god's voice
just to let your feel alive not alone
not the just lest...arise
scream your rights ask respect
angel of torment
he'll wonder why and for what who loves
who-really sure?
marshals will just make the fights start
then disappear
who'd dry blood from their noses?
family and society where your trainers
now friendship keep on couching?
could you focus the line
to throw your goals over while running throw these hills
of windy desert sand?...